After doing much research on lash extension classes around my area, Mia was the one that stood out to me most. Her website and reviews showed me that her customers trust her and that she was an honest person.  I wanted to be trained from someone who wasn't going to sell me products and someone who was practicing on actual customers.  Her pricing was in my budget, too.  Being trained by Mia has exceeded my expectations. She truly made sure I knew the foundations before I moved into the next step.  She reiterates steps over and over again and with lots of practice I am able to apply all that she has shown me such as lash placement, isolation and the amount of glue to use.  I highly recommend her. She knows your strengths and weaknesses just from watching you work.  Be prepared to receive a lot of information and the whys behind it.
                                                 -Scarlett X. on yelp
I've visited Mia for about 5 times already and I would tell everyone that my experience with Mia is always great and enjoyable. Mia is a super sweet and kind as a person and most importantly, she's very honest about everything she's doing on you. She would try her bestest to satisfy your desire but with the least damage. And she will advise you if she thinks your lashes is not healthy or strong enough for certain styles and thickness.
She gives you lots of tips on how to take care lashes and how to maintain a healthy lashes growth.
Any damage to your lashes is the least she wants to do on clients.
Some other places would never care about ur lashes condition, all they want is to charge you asap and don't care if it would damage your own lashes and maybe eventually won't grow anymore.

I am feeling safe and comfortable whenever Mia is working on my lash, and I know my lashes are being well taken care of.

It's always great to getting a service from someone who actually love their job and passionate of what they do instead of just being there for the money.

Thank you Mia
                                                   -Maggie F. on yelp
Too be honest I was really hesitant to try eyelash extensions because I heard about lashes falling out and them looking funky after a few weeks. I have really thin lashes long but thin so I was scared but I still went got them done and wow I was impressed . The process was okay she was gentle but when I was really impressed was after four weeks , they were still looking good and not all funky ! I love them . I mean I probably not do it again anytime soon because you do have to take care of them but I will say that they lasted me a long ass time with normal care and after they came off by themselves my lashes look fine! They weren't harm I was really happy with the service and out come . Thank you Mia for the car you took to make them look great and take care of my natural lashes(:  I definitely recommend!
                                                           -Bri H. on yelp

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