Why Love Lash by Mia...?

We are so excited to be growing now more than ever!  Mia and her sister started their successful eyelash extension business in Los Angeles. After meeting the love of her life, Mia got married and moved to Orange County.  Starting over again, Mia built her own eyelash extension business in Buena Park, CA from the ground up while her sister continued to thrive in Los Angeles.  Through love from our fabulous clients and word of mouth, we are proud to say that Love Lash by Mia is in demand and serving all of Southern California.

“We must first give then receive.”

Some would call it karma...  You get what you deserve.

We, at Love Lash by Mia, always try to deliver more for our customers than what they expect.  We do not charge our customers by the numbers of lashes applied, nor the application time, but by the completion of our work and services.

Protecting your natural lashes is a priority to us.


Eyelash extensions are applied 1mm away from the skin onto one natural lash to prevent ongoing eyelid irritation. To avoid damage to the natural lash, we take caution not to apply thick eyelash extensions onto short, thin or fragile natural lashes. We do our best to work closely with each customer to give the set of eyelash extensions they desire while protecting their own natural lashes.




Love Lash by Mia has a professional team of lash stylists who are highly trained and licensed, which ensures state compliance with sanitation and safety procedures.

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